I participate in the Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach Visiting Scientists program by planning and teaching weekly science classes for K-2 students.

I taught at Cleveland Elementary School in Pasadena, CA before it closed in 2019. I now volunteer at Madison Elementary, also in Pasadena.


2nd grade lesson on astronomy and our place in the universe

Cleveland Elementary,

February 2018

I also currently serve as the Diversity Chair on the Caltech Graduate Student Council. We are committed to supporting and advocating for Caltech graduate students with marginalized identities. To this end, we work student groups such as BSEC, BLACClub Latino, and APIDA+, as well as the Graduate Studies Office and the Center for Inclusion and DiversityWe are also affiliated with the student group Caltech for Black Lives.

We maintain Caltech's first database of DEI resources - a living compilation of all DEI-related initiatives at Caltech.

If you are a Caltech graduate student interested in joining the Diversity Committee or have suggestions on how to improve Caltech by applying ideas rooted in increasing diversity, please contact me. 

For a complete list of my outreach activities, see my CV.